How To Download and Read Your eTextbooks

Upon your completed purchase you will receive a “download” link to download and save your items directly onto your devices. You will also receive an email containing your purchase details along with the link to redownload your items if needed. If you created an account at checkout, you have the option to login to your account and view all of your purchased items for re-download.

If you chose to checkout as a guest you can also create a new account from within the home page and email a support member who can merge your new account with your past purchases.

Remember you can always download your items onto your cell phone, tablet, or computer and transfer your purchased eTextbooks and eBooks to as many devices as you choose to, they are yours to keep and use forever.

eBooks for Class supplies your eTextbooks in downloadable PDF format and most completely support a wide range of features, including but not limited to: notes, keyword search, highlights, text to speech, printing, syncing across devices, and more.

*Most devices come pre-loaded with PDF viewing capability, you can also open and read PDF files using various popular programs such as Adobe Reader, Digital Editions, and several free 3rd party PDF reader apps.

*Please note that many eTextbooks are larger than normal size and due to that some downloads may take longer than usual. Please allow ample time for your ebook to completely download to your device in full prior to opening the etextbook. If you experience an error message of any kind you can always email support for assistance but make sure that you have properly downloaded and allowed enough time for your etextbook to complete download onto your device.

How to download and transfer your eTextbooks onto various devices and e-readers:

Apple, iPhone, iPad, Mac, iOS Instructions
Downloading the eTextbooks on your iOS using iBooks (Apple Books):

Must have iBooks/Apple Books App already installed on your device or into your icloud or itunes account.
Navigate to your download page on your device.
Tap/Click the download link of your etextbook.
Next, Locate and Click on the “share” tab/(icon with small blue upward arrow) in top or lower corner of screen.
Then select “Copy to Books/iBooks” to add the ebook to your iBooks bookshelf/library.

View your eBooks using Google Play Books (for Computer or Android Devices):

Download the eBooks from your download page onto your device, cell phone, tablet or computer. Select the downloaded file from your device notification or the Downloads menu. (If prompted, select Upload to Play Books.)

Before you can upload your ebook, you’ll need to change your upload settings. Open the Google Play Books app > Touch the Google Play Books app Books icon > Settings > Check the box next to “Enable uploading”.

Go to My Library > Uploads to see your uploaded eBook files.

Other popular Apps to read your ebook on your cell phone or computer is Lithium which can be downloaded free on Google Play store.

KINDLE Instructions

Turn your Kindle on
Connect the Kindle to your computer using the USB cable that came with your Kindle
Drag and drop the “.pdf” ebook file into the documents folder on your Kindle
When the USB activity indicator on your Kindle stops flashing, “Safely Remove Mass Storage Device (Windows) or “Eject” (Mac) the Kindle from your computer and your ebook will appear on bookshelf to read.

View your eTextbook using the Kindle Reader app:

Download the eBooks from your download page from your Android device. (cell phone, tablet, or computer). Choose and install an eBook reader from the Android Marketplace. A free and popular option for Android devices is to download the Kindle app and follow the Kindle steps on your download page to Send the eBooks to my Kindle or Kindle reader! Finally, open the files in the eBook reader.

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